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Our main field of expertise is the construction of precision custom-made machined parts.

Services offered:

  • Milling with vertical and horizontal CNC machinery and traditional machinery;
  • Turning on CNC machinery and traditional;
  • Waterjet cutting.
  • CNC sheet metal bending machine

and the processes are carried out with any machineble materials like aluminum, steel and industrial plastic.

Thanks to the application of sophisticated equipment, software and technologies we are able at all times to realize complex parts quickly and serve companies working in different sectors such as automotive, industrial automation, transportation and oil&gas.


TFService offers consulting and design pieces from various materials (steel, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, plastic) according to customer need. Making drawings for pieces designed 3D models and simulations pieces in it. Start projects with knowledge of customers and their need, so as to address the most effective solution to their task. Once identified these things begin work on their design by qualified people who have years of experience behind. After presenting the project and customer acceptance, you can proceed to manufacturing is done entirely in our office, and then the control apparatus with high precision parts.

TFS offers a manufacturing service to make components to customer specifications.

Cosmin TUDOR

Tel.: +40 (745) 110 280

E-mail: cosmin.tudor@tfservice.ro